GTU Integrated Circuits Lab
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It is very difficult and complex to manufacture digital integrated circuits with billions of transistors at a few nm size. It drives all other technology areas by availing the production of faster digital circuits and processors each year, which results in an improvement for a wide variety of areas. The manufacturing gets harder and much more costly due to the scaling down of the transistors, which is the main driving factor in the improvement of digital integrated circuits. The scaling of the transistors has approached to its physical limits already.

The emerging difficulties introduce problems like hardware security, timing yield estimation, accurate circuit analysis, etc. The academia and industry work very hard to develop the required computer aided circuit design (CAD) tools in order to keep pace with this improvement.

Integrated Circuits Lab (ICL) is a research laboratory within the Computer Engineering department of Gebze Technical University. The main research topics of the lab consists of the analysis of digital integrated circuits, consideration of statistical manufacturing variations, hardware security and hardware Trojan detection. Recently, the lab has initiated research on the hardware acceleration of algorithms mostly used in symbolic computation and numerical analysis.

The aim of the lab is to understand the modern manufacturing and test problems of digital circuits and devise methods to improve the accuracy and security. Modeling the circuit parameters like delay and power taking into consideration the statistical variations, estimating the circuit yield, detecting any malicous circuitry based on side channel analysis, accelerating the software algorithms utilizing hardware and FPGAs are studied in this lab. The proposed methods and tools aim at helping the analysis of digital circuits and imrovement of computer aided design of digital integrated circuits.